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User's data provided in  registration time to Pietrantica and its services will be recorded on electronic  database, property of Pietrantica, office in Dolcedo Imperia, Piazza Doria 30,  holder of processing.

Pietrantica will use user's personal data in  respect of privacy protection principles that are fixed on Decreto Legislativo  n.196, June 30, 2003 and on others rules current in subject.

This set of  rules concerns personal data sent by user at registration time, as well as data  obtained by visits and surfing in our website, and subsequently provided by user  for offered services activate inside the website.

Required personal  data are subdivided in two categories: compulsory and optional, as it results  inside the registration procedure and offered services activate require.  Compulsory data bestow and related processing is closely connected to the  execution of indicated services. The possible user refusal to provide this data  or the possible user refusal to consent the data processing, will involve the  impossibility to benefit Pietrantica offered services. Optional data collected  help Pietrantica to offer a better service; user is free about to provide or  not.

Pietrantica subject users personal data to all processing  operations located by D. leg. 196/2003 (or, the collection, record,  organization, conservation, processing, modification, selection, extraction,  comparison, utilization, interconnection and any other useful operation to  provide the required services, included communication to third's when necessary)  whit automatic and informatics formalities. This data also could be organized as  data banks or archives.

Particularly, personal data processing aims  are the followings:

a) provide the foreseen services;
b) verify  the provided services quality;
c) prepare all fiscal and accounting  fulfillments;
d) satisfy market's researches and statistics, marketing  and products preferences;
e) go up again to unlawful authors, in case of  specific application only, and as for competent Authority.

If the user  had given special consent:
a) provide information or offers about  products, services or initiatives offered or promoted by Pietrantica and/or  affiliated and/or controlled companies, as commercial partners and outsourcers,  without producing personal data transfer to thirds subjects.
The user  can approach to own data in any moment, and he or she can exert the rights whose  art.7, D. lgs. 196/2003.
Pietrantica informs that art.7 D. lgs.  196/2003 says:

1) The user has right to get the confirm and the  existence or not about own personal data, even if they are still not recorded,  and their communication as intelligible form. The user has right to get the  indication of:
a) personal data origin;
b) processing aims and  formalities;
c) applied logic, in case of electronic tools  processing;
d) holder, person in charge and designated representative  identifiable terms, by art.5, c.2;
e) subjects or subject's categories  who personal data can be communicated or subjects who can hear as designated  representative in Country territory, as person in charge or  delegate.

2) The user has right to get:
a) the updating, the  correction or, when he or she has interest, the data integration;
b) the  cancellation, the anonymous form changing or the block of data processed in law  violation, they included of which the conservation is not necessary in relation  to the aims which data are been collected or subsequently processed.

3)  The user has right to oppose, totally or partially:
a) with legitimate  reasons, to the personal data processing, even if they are pertinent to the  collect aim;
b) to the personal data processing with aim to send  advertising material or direct selling or marketing searches or commercial  spot.

Moreover, the user always shall have direct access by web to own  data, as Pietrantica possess them, through the own access codes ("Username" and  "Password"). In this way, the user can integrate, or modify, or delete the data,  in any moment, without intermediaries, autonomously, and with own  responsibility. Through the same interface, the user can manage the reception,  the periodicity and the content of Pietrantica provided information. Acquired by  Pietrantica personal data can be communicated to all our company employees,  collaborators, consultants at any qualification, still less to all company  branch. Moreover, the same data can be communicated to Pietrantica controlled,  affiliated or connected companies, or Pietrantica commercial partners  (producers, suppliers, vectors, ecc.) or companies who effect market  researches.

The user expressly declares the understanding and the  integral acceptance of English text; in any case, the Italian text will always  be the reference about any controversy.

For greather information to  write to the address
Pietrantica 1999 di Falchi Vittorino
Piazza Doria 30 - 18020 DOLCEDO (IM) – Tel.0183281008
Cod Fisc FLCVTR56E01E290Y - P.IVA 01232950087
CCIAA di IM 12/07/1999 - REA 109750

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